Setting the Personality of a Brand to Music

We developed an audio branding concept for the German premium furniture brand Walter Knoll

Since more than 150 years the family owned company Walter Knoll stands for superb seating furniture. The luxury brand from Herrenberg features high-class materials and a timeless aesthetic. Walter Knoll repeatedly made its mark on design history, created classics and avantgarde icons and stands for a modern, international lifestyle.

HearDis! developed a Sound Manual for Walter Knoll that translates the core values of the brand to the audible sphere. We conceptualized a musical basis that can be utilized in all aspects and areas of Walter Knoll.

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The Values and Attitude of a Modern Furniture Brand

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Based on an intense briefing process and brand analysis, our Sound Manual sets the focus on the core values of Walter Knoll. To this effect we deduce specific sonic parameters that render the brand’s value audible. Exemplary playlists illustrate the new sound, ensure a consistent sonic representation of the brand and display its core values stylistically confident. The soundtrack establishes a unique sonic universe far from mainstream or generic music. Avantgarde meets polyrhythmic percussion, classical music and electronica while highest musical quality reflects the excellency of the brand with every note and every drum beat.

The Sound Manual is delivered to the client as a bound edition, but is also available as a digital resource for employees, agencies and partners. It can be utilized for all audible aspects of the brand’s communication.

Music for Fairs and Showrooms

Since IMM Cologne 2017, the Sound Manual is the musical foundation of Walter Knoll’s trade-fair appearance. On its basis we create specific soundtracks that match the theme and focus of the individual fair while always perfectly representing the the brand. 

Later this year we will also begin to curate the music of Walter Knoll’s newly designed showrooms based on the Sound Manual.

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