Music for the Holiday Campaign of Boss

HearDis! Curated the Sound for a Special Limited Collection

German premium fashion house Hugo Boss reached out to us to create an in-store music playlist tailored to the exclusive BOSS x Jeremyville holiday partnership currently displayed at BOSS.

Pink Bunnies and Pigs are the new Black

For this year’s festive season, BOSS has teamed up with renowned artist Jeremyville to introduce a playful holiday collection: the limited unique designs on clothing and accessories items both for him and her, are decorated with the artist’s iconic and eccentric cartoon-style figures, from the more notorious bunny to the recently introduced pig, representing the New Year zodiac animal of the Chinese New Year.

1035 Hugo Boss4
1035 Hugo Boss3

Agility to Allow the Prompt Delivery of a Multi-Sensory Experience

As a historic client of ours, we comprehend Hugo Boss holistically and in the individuality of its emblematic lines BOSS and HUGO. We realise exhaustive music profiles, which constantly adjust as our client’s own strategy evolves over time. Profiting from a strong audio branding approach consolidated in the core of its corporate identity, because of us, Hugo Boss has the necessary tools to adapt its brand strategy to any audio-related marketing scope. Besides, the company can rely on our responsive and resourceful nature to swiftly fulfil its requests.

More recently, this is again exemplified by Hugo Boss’ latest vibrant holiday campaign conceived for the formal attire BOSS: the rich coloured imagery and urban atmosphere are enhanced by the special soundtrack we curated to accentuate the collection’s quirky, sophisticated and elegant store design around this festive time of the year. It therefore becomes evident how in-store music is the most effective when it takes into account and interacts with all layers of information available - brand identity, store design, time of the year - synthesising them to optimally reflect the brand values and effectively convey these to the relevant target audience. In doing so, BOSS succeeded to roll out the holiday campaign on a short notice and, this way, to effectively offer a fun and engaging multi-sensory experience to its customer base during this festive season.

1035 Hugo Boss1

We Cherish Clients Vouching for a Holistic Brand Strategy

On the special occasion of this BOSS holiday campaign, we are proud to contribute to the dynamic and fresh spirit of Hugo Boss, inaugurating this year’s festive season with some exceptionally playful and yet refined styles and gifts ideas.

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