A Different Take on Skateboarding

HearDis! Creates Bespoke Music for adidas Originals X Girls Are Awesome

We love serving brands because we get to be part of a myriad of undertakings, each differing in the aspirations driving them at heart yet all equally invested in fulfilling their promise. This time, adidas Originals asked us to produce original music for Girls Are Awesome - a global platform dedicated to create a larger and more diverse female representation in society.

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Launched in 2016 in Copenhagen, Girls Are Awesome inspires women around the world through community engagement, social initiatives and brand collaborations - as exemplified by adidas Originals X Girls Are Awesome. Since kicking off in 2017, the branded partnership has been empowering women in the pursuit of their dreams, by sharing their singular talents and helping them to realise their ambitions. Today, Girls Are Awesome is recognised as a powerful positive movement for its supportive spirit and special hub to tell unique stories.

The Significance of Skate Crews through the Eyes of Torsten Frank

The story we partook in is filmed by adidas global skate cinematographer Torsten Frank, who joins friends and seasoned skater and photographer Laura Kaczmarek to hang out with Heckmecks Crew - an all female skate gang. Digressing from those familiar testosterone-oriented footages of flawless improv skate acrobatics, Torsten’s camera angle rather documents the utmost reality of a mere group of friends enjoying a summer weekend in Essen, Germany.

Through the eyes of Torsten, we get to experience all facets of what it truly means to belong to a skate crew. It’s not all about epic landings or a sequence of solo performances. We reckon the Heckmecks to cherish that same affinity that unites a family: mates who wander on a sunny afternoon and explore new sites, challenge themselves, cheer for one another, joke around and, naturally, learn and grow together. Through the shared love for skateboarding, Torsten’s film is a profound take on a generation.

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Original Music that Captures the Aura of a Generation

In line with such prime message, we tackled the sound of Heckmecks Crew by contemplating those intrinsic features that reflect the lifestyle of the peer group. We especially considered themes around coming-of-age (romance and friendship), zeal (enthusiasm and devotion), creativity (self-expression and imagination), tenacity (determination and bravery) and female nature (beauty and style) - which our music production team encapsulated in a strong audible statement: the ambient-like soundscapes interlacing abstract textures and driving pulses not only capture the essence of the young skate gang and friends but more than that, they project their spirit and emotions so that we can relate to their stance and quests in life.

Torsten championed to reveal Heckmecks Crew in their very element. By addressing the ethos of the narrative with subtle yet powerful original sound, we served adidas Originals X Girls Are Awesome in their mission to elevate an emotion-driven story that celebrates authenticity, creative freedom and dreams of a group of young women and their friends.

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