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Sound Logo

What it is

Also known as sonic logo, sonic mnemonic, audio logo or ‚Jingle‘, is the core acoustic signature of a brand. It can be considered the audio equivalent of the visual logo and is around 3 seconds long. Usually, it gets derived from the Sound Identity and represents the brand in the form of a short and memorable melody, enhanced through distinct sound design and/or voiceover. 

Why it matters

A Sound Logo is the most established audio asset in Sound Branding. When done right it can have a huge impact on brand recall and recognition. The most famous examples are McDonald’s "I'm lovin it", the five notes of Telekom or Netflix’s distinctive sound design in the beginning of a movie/series.

The short duration of a Sound Logo makes it the perfect tool to strengthen recognition, as it can easily be used at all relevant touchpoints within brand communication. Besides having the greatest impact on recognition and recall, it is the perfect tool to differentiate from competitors, as it aurally embodies your visual logo. Furthermore, it is the most flexible audio asset for maintaining consistency in brand communication and can be implemented on all communication channels, from TV and radio over customer service to podcasts.

How it works

The Sound Logo needs to be concise, distinctive, memorable and flexible while at the same time supporting your brands message, positioning and values. 

Being brief in length is essential in order to form a perceptual unit with the visual logo animation and the spoken brand name or claim, while at the same time having the  impact on brand recognition and recall. Therefore, it is usually implemented at the beginning or end of marketing activities. The melody itself is ideally derived from a Sound Identity or can be extended into other audio assets, e.g. Brand Music or UX/ UI sounds, to further strengthen recall and recognition.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • TV & Radio
  • Online & Digital
  • Products & Mobile Apps
  • Hotlines & Waiting Loops
  • Voice Assistants

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