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Sound Branding

What it is

Also known as Audio Branding or Sonic Branding, is the strategic use of music, sound and voice to reinforce your brand identity to create a memorable brand experience for your (future) customers. It involves creating unique, but recognizable audio assets and using them systematically across multiple touchpoints for a multi sensory brand communication.

Why it matters

The importance of a strategically developed and implemented Brand Sound lies in the fact that it can create valuable emotional connections with consumers just through the sense of hearing. Using music, sound and voice correctly, can evoke strong emotions and memories, making it an inevitable tool to stand out in today’s noisy markets and to follow the path towards a beloved brand.

How it works

Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember audio cues than visual ones. What we do at HearDis! is to make your brand - and hence the experience you offer - audible. In other words, we merge human and artificial intelligence efforts to analyze your corporate identity and translate your brand values and other core features into music, sound and voice briefings, which work as the foundation for future audio content. 

This is an invaluable comprehensive process to form your audio identity that consolidates the marketing communications of your brand, in a coherent and effective manner, while leaving enough flexibility for usage across a variety of platforms.

The benefits

Sound Branding can help your brand to be recognized by your consumers within seconds. When people can not only see, but also hear your brand, chances are much higher they will remember. This will not only help to stand out from competitors, but also to build brand awareness within and to form a stronger bond with your target audience. 

Furthermore music and sound have the unique power to transcend language barriers and cultural differences, making it easier for your brand to build trust and to appeal to a global audience.

Our assets in the realms of Sound Branding

  • Sound Identity
  • Sound Logo
  • Brand Music
  • Brand Radio
  • Brand Voice
  • Campaign Music
  • Holistic Audio Concept
  • In-Store Music
  • UX/ UI Sounds

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