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Music Curation

What it is

Curating Music is the process of selecting, organizing and presenting music for the purpose of enhancing the experience of a space, place, campaign or film. This involves carefully choosing songs that fit a specific mood or vibe, arranging them in a way that creates a cohesive listening experience, and sharing the curated selection with the intended audience through various channels.

Why it matters

Music has the ability to maintain a certain atmosphere, set a specific mood, or simply tell your story. Whether in physical stores or in a digital campaign, the right soundtrack can enhance the overall customer experience. We help brands to create music selections that are tailored to specific needs and customer preferences, creating a more enjoyable and personalized brand experience.

Great music has the ability to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. Just think about this one track you had on repeat during your teens. Maybe it didn’t age too well, but hey, you still remember it, and during that time - you loved it! 

By investing in sophisticated music curation, brands can tap into these emotional connections and create a more meaningful interaction with their customers. For example, imagine you're shopping at a clothing store and you hear a song that you love. This song might stick in your head and create a positive association with the brand, making you more likely to shop there again in the future. Similarly, when you're browsing online, a carefully curated playlist can create a more enjoyable and personalized shopping experience. 

How it works

The process of curating music can vary depending on the purpose of the music selection or the space it will be played in. But our team of experienced music curators and DJs embodies a broad but nuanced musical spectrum to select the right song for every occasion. From emerging artists and timeless classics to undiscovered gems and the latest hype, we will ensure unique musical journeys through fresh, authentic and original curations.

Each track is hand-picked by our curators, as a result of constantly scanning the most relevant music platforms, record shops, libraries, magazines and so on. Once the songs are selected, the curators will arrange them in a specific order that create a cohesive listening experience and a distinct musical dramaturgy. This involves considering factors such as tempo, key, lyrical content etc. to ensure that the songs flow perfectly together. Our own AI driven music management software and intelligent-playlist tool enhances our wo-man power to play you the right song at the right time - in the best audio quality possible! The final step is to evaluate the success of the curation. This happens through the collection of feedback from the audience and staff. Or by observing buying behavior on the longer run in correlation to the played music.

Ultimately, music curation is not just a matter of taste, but a mix of research, strategic thinking and creativity to create a personalized and enjoyable listening experience for your customers.

Our assets in the realms of Music Curation

  • In-store Music
  • Custom Soundtracks
  • Campaign Music
  • Multi-Zone Audio 
  • Innovative Audio Technology
  • Creative Search & Licensing
  • Artist Collaborations

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