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Creative Search & Licensing

What it is

Also known as Music Supervision, refers to the process of searching, discovering and finding music for commercial use, as well as obtaining the rights for broadcasting to use it for the campaign's audiovisual content.

Why it matters

Proper creative search and licensing contribute to the overall sonic branding strategy by ensuring that the audio elements used in the campaign align with the brand's identity and messaging. 

It helps to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience across different audiovisual touchpoints and enhances the campaign's impact on the audience.

How it works

Creative search involves seeking out the right audio assets that align with the campaign's objectives, messaging, and desired emotional impact. It involves working with music supervisors, audio producers, or creative teams to identify or create audio content that complements the visuals, fulfill the director's vision and enhances the overall brand experience. 

Once the desired audio assets have been identified, licensing is the process of securing the necessary legal permissions and rights to use the music or audio content in the campaign. This involves negotiating and obtaining licenses from the respective copyright holders, such as music labels, publishers, or individual artists, to ensure compliance with intellectual property laws and copyright regulations.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • Campaigns
  • Commercials
  • PoS

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