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Custom soundtrack underlines the origins of an iconic design.

To experience the remarkable spirit of RIMOWA with all senses, we have enhanced their brand identity through a custom in-store music curation for all stores worldwide, some of them bundled together with innovative hifi speaker systems.

As a global leader in premium luggage RIMOWA needs little introduction. Since 1898, it has placed quality and innovation at its core, creating luggage for the discerning, purposeful traveler. With a growing number of stores in nearly every major city, it was inevitable to complete the brand experience by bringing the consistent aesthetics of its distinctive visual identity to the PoS through a mindfully curated in-store music program.

In-Store Music

The overall musical direction of the Cologne-based manufactory was developed around their heritage of craftsmanship in the Rhineland, enriched by the spirit of innovation and the pleasure of the countless journeys that the suitcases and their owners experience together.

Reduced arrangements, floating grooves and unique timbres create a refined store atmosphere, which harmonizes perfectly with the spacious interior design while leaving enough room for consultation and sales. 

Innovative Audio Technology

RIMOWA has also commissioned us to equip the stores with innovative speaker technologies. During the development of the music playlists, we simultaneously began planning the audio hardware to ensure flawless playback at the PoS, as most stores did not have proper audio hardware. We worked closely with RIMOWA's architects and store managers to determine the best placement of the wireless speaker systems in each store, taking into account the store layout, customer flow and different product displays. 

The wireless speaker systems and audio players were installed by us and nestled perfectly into the store design, providing customers with a more immersive and engaging shopping experience without the need to run long cables or close a store just for installation.

The project is well-received by customers and store managers alike. We are proud to partner with RIMOWA on this project and look forward to future projects.

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