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Becoming multi-sensorythroughHolistic Audio Concept

for Ricola

Tailormade sound concept enhances first experience store.

Switzerland's most famous candy maker opened its first store in Laufen in March 2023. That's not just anywhere in Switzerland, but exactly located right next to the building where Ricola was started. The store is equipped with a holistic audio concept - with sound design and in-store music - to experience the brand and its products with all senses.

All photos © Ricola

For almost 100 years, Ricola has been producing its herbal candies in Laufen and supplying them to over 45 countries. Now the community in the canton of Basel-Landschaft can look forward to another milestone in the company's history. In early 2023, Ricola's first experience store opened and is centered around the globally popular candies.
Ricola and Laufen - this is a success story without equal. In 1930, Emil Richterich opened his confectionery factory not far from the new experience store in Laufen - the place of origin of the globally popular herbal sugar. The Richterich family, owner of Ricola, has acquired the historic property at Amthausgasse 3. The masonry of the three-story house dates back to the 14th or 15th century and at that time served as either a customs house or a keeper's house.

© Ricola

Interactive: On the trail of herbal candies

The concept of the experience store is dedicated to Ricola herbal specialties. On the ground floor, guests can expect a unique shopping experience in lovingly designed surroundings, with special offers and a Pick&Mix station where they can put together their own favorite candies in different flavors. A sound shower built into the ceiling plays recordings of Ricola's herb meadows, making customers feel as if they are in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Sweets from other countries that are not otherwise available in Switzerland are also offered here. 
On the way to the upper floor, the company history is shown. Upstairs, an interactive process explains how the herbs get into the candies, accompanied by fine sound design from HearDis! 

Guests can also create their own Ricola variety and learn all about herb cultivation. Candy-making demonstrations are held at regular intervals right on site, where visitors can look over the shoulders of the candy professionals.
The customer experience is completed through carefully curated in-store music, that balances the soothing and delighting sides of the brand, as well as their humorous attitude.

Ricola - short portrait

Ricola is one of the most modern and innovative candy manufacturers in the world. The company exports herbal specialties to 45 countries and is known for Swiss quality. Founded in 1930, with headquarters in Laufen, near Basel and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA, Ricola now produces about 50 varieties of herbal candies and tea specialties.
The family-owned company is regarded as a pioneer in the cultivation of herbs and attaches great importance to selected locations and controlled environmentally friendly cultivation. Ricola has concluded fixed purchase agreements with around 85 contract farmers from the Swiss mountain region. Ricola is committed to economically, socially and ecologically sustainable corporate management and is a responsible employer for over 500 employees worldwide. The combination of the traditional values of a family business with quality awareness and innovative spirit is what makes the Swiss top brand so successful.

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