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Reinforcing Cultural RelevancethroughMusic Curation

for Puma

In-Store Music creates a deeper connection with customers in the stores.

As an iconic lifestyle brand, Puma aspires to stay genuine and meaningful to its community. Wherever it is and especially in its stores. Our customized in-store soundtrack is a direct answer to the brand's aspirations and DNA - it has the power to engage the consumers emotionally at the point of sale and thus deepen the relationship.

In-store Music

We have developed a Puma soundtrack that is being played in over 300 stores globally. The curated music includes a unique and hand-picked selection of street-credible genres, such as hip hop and r&b, iconic artists and music that fit the brand. Puma's strong collaborations with artists like Dua Lipa or Cordae, or sensitivities around explicit lyrics are taken into account to ensure that the music selection is aligned with the brand as well as local needs in the various locations around the globe. Our AI-driven software ensures that the in-store soundtrack follows an ambitious musical dramaturgy and itinerary while remaining fresh by constantly including new music tracks.

On behalf of our team, I can say that the new music by HearDis! has a very positive effect. The music is overall very diverse and not too mainstream. On the whole, our staff as well as our visitors are energised by the music. I believe the mix of songs is just right for a unique shopping experience that is sure to reflect the PUMA brand.

Jason Isenberg, Global Head of Digital Consumer Experiences / PUMA

By having its own individual sound, Puma has taken its storytelling to the next level. In this case, the narrative becomes uniquely intimate as the sportswear manufacturer capitalises on a high degree of localisation: the HearDis! soundtrack for each store not only fits the brand, but also the nature of the space and the local music scene. As a result, each location can ensure a brand experience with its audience that feels authentic while underlying Puma's cultural relevance.

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