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Cross-selling throughthroughBrand Radio

for Monkey 47

Translating the brand's heritage and inventive spirit into a public Brand Radio.

Monkey 47 was one of the first brands, alongside Vitra, to take its sonic identity to the next level by offering its curated HearDis! soundtrack to the public as a branded radio stream. HearDis! offers its own web-based radio solution that is highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing visual identity.

© Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is a premium gin known for its unique blend of botanicals and distinctive character. Produced in the Black Forest, Germany, Monkey 47 takes its name from the 47 botanicals used in its complex recipe, which includes a mix of exotic fruits, herbs and spices. The gin is produced in small batches and distilled using traditional methods, combining British influence with German craftsmanship and has gained a cult following among gin enthusiasts for its exceptional quality, and its distinctive bottle design along with its commitment to quality have contributed to its success in the craft gin market.

The first step in our cooperation was to create an individual music curation for Monkey 47, based on the sonic translation of its brand identity. The exceptional mix of music - whether folk or indie pop, chanson or disco - is curated to be used by bars or retailers according to their specific product range. 

Brand Radio

Rather than sharing the in-store music program with customers, in this case the Brand Radio was designed primarily for B2B purposes: To offer their retail partners or outlets a professional in-store music solution that integrates an innovative advertising medium. In this way, the brand benefits from the cross-marketing effects of its resellers, while the end consumer and the store can enjoy a professionally curated music selection. This means that individual stores do not have to invest in creating their own in-store music profile, but can take advantage of a program already sponsored by a brand.

The music is streamed via web-app through a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. This simple - and most importantly, legal - approach serves a large audience that currently relies heavily on unauthorized Spotify playlists, personal music collections or local radio stations. 

A customized radio station can be a tool to strengthen the brand not only in the eyes of customers and clients, but also in that of catering partners: The traditional sponsorship of catering equipment is accompanied by a customized brand radio, which is made available to selected partners for use in their locations - a holistic approach that works in industries such as hospitality or retail as well as catering and truly takes the Brand Sound to the next level.

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