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Boosting StorytellingthroughCampaign Soundtracks

for Mercedes-Benz

Our Custom Campaign Soundtrack takes you on a journey into a future that can’t be reached by car alone.

Since Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile 138 years ago, they have always been driven by tomorrow to develop and enhance individual mobility. Anchoring sustainability at the core of the brand means that the route to tomorrow has many waypoints. Our bespoke composition soundtracks this journey to a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow drives Mercedes-Benz.  Sustainability

Mercedes-Benz has been continuously paving the way for future mobility and continues to do so at everything it does – in comfort, engineering, design and in developing and producing vehicles in a more sustainable way. Mercedes-Benz is committed to creating the most desirable cars in a more sustainable way.

But what does it mean?
The car manufacturer has anchored sustainability in its business strategy by aiming to apply it to all its activities. With “Ambition 2039”, Mercedes-Benz is pursuing the goal of a fully networked and net carbon-neutral fleet of new vehicles in 2039 – eleven years earlier than required by EU legislation. And, Mercedes-Benz has already reached a number of important milestones, so read the signs in the video and join us on our drive into tomorrow.

© Mercedes-Benz

Campaign Soundtracks

Our bespoke Campaign Soundtrack accompanies the storytelling of this highly relevant, yet sensitive topic, in the form of a classic corporate ad composition in the intro, shifting to a groovy, beat-driven funk affair as the story unfolds to emphasize the possibilities in the second half of the spot.

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