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Expressing InnovationthroughCampaign Soundtracks

for Mercedes-Benz

Music composition & production for Magical Garage Part 1 & 2.

On behalf of the agency antoni and Tempomedia, playdis composed and produced the music for two global TV campaigns directed by Rodrigo Valdes that open the door to the place where innovations originate: The Magical Garage.

Mercedes Benz is a rebellious innovator in every sense of the word. Just as the cars satisfy the appetite for a multisensory experience, so does the brand communication. The campaign's setting is the place where inventions originate: THE MAGICAL GARAGE. The protagonist Mercedes takes us through magical rooms and presents the latest innovations. In both parts of the campaign, different technologies are presented, alongside our bespoke compositions and productions.

Hardware Innovations by Mercedes-Benz   Magical Garage
Magical Garage Part 1 is made up of a big-band swing anthem, playful, fast-paced and full of surprising twists. Georg von dem Bussche wrote and produced the song. Arranger was Sebastian Borkowski, who was already responsible for arrangements for the legendary Moka Efti Orchestra (which is also the Babylon Berlin band) as well as being part of the marching band Meute. The music was recorded in the JRS Recording Studio together with Georg, Sebastian and Axel Reinemer.
Innovations by Mercedes-Benz The Magical Garage Part 2 - ohne Warnhinweis
Magical Garage Part 2 is not your every day explanatory film about the on board features of a car. Instead, we have a magical journey through a colorful world supported by a lush sound design and modern electronic sounds with a French touch.
EQE Making Of
Making of Magical Garage.

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