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Amplifying a narrationthroughBespoke Music

for Mercedes-Benz

Immortal Love - A soundtrack for those who live forever.

Timeless design, legendary performance, iconic status: for over 40 years, the G-Class has defied every short-lived trend. Mercedes-Benz and antoni are highlighting this unique longevity with an extraordinary campaign. Our Audio Production department playdis was responsible for the music supervision, composition, production and sound design.

Mercedes - Benz G-Class 'Immortal Love'

The Story

The centerpiece of the campaign is the eight-minute film Immortal Love directed by Sebastian Strasser and produced by Anorak Film. It shares the message that a car that impresses with endurance deserves drivers who live forever. The story is a cinematically staged journey of the aspiring musician Rimon into a fantasy universe of immortal beings - the world of vampires.

'Immortal Love' is about the conflict between two worlds that could not be more different. And it shows a love that overcomes these divides. This theme is staged as a modern interpretation of the story of Romeo and Juliet. In this, the singer/songwriter Rimon, who was born in Eritrea and grew up in the Netherlands, plays a globally celebrated star rapper who leads a double life. On the one hand, there is her love for the young, naive music journalist Nathan, who is hopelessly devoted to her. On the other hand, there is glamour, excess and a myth that lasts for centuries.

Immortal Love is a audio piece for the ages: the composition, the sound, the language and the overall mix sent the jury into a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It was not for nothing that the word 'Hollywood level' kept coming up in the discussion. There's no better way to support a spot like this on the audio level

Jury, ADC Festival 2023


We are super proud that the work of our subsidiary playdis executed by Georg von dem Bussche and Jade Miranda won the category 'Best Composition' at the German Advertising Film Award 2023 and Gold for ‘Audio Craft’ at the ADC Festival 2023.

Special Thanks to antoni, Anorak Film, Mercedes-Benz and most of all Sebastian Strasser for their trust & for taking us with them on this exceptional journey.

Full Music Credits

We would also like to thank all the musicians & artists involved who contributed greatly with their unique talent & skills. This was a collaborative project & this award is for all of you!

Music by playdis
Music supervisor: Jade Miranda
Executive Music Producers: Georg von dem Bussche & Jade Miranda
Composers: Georg von dem Bussche, Mahdyar Aghajani, Rimon Bahere, Abul Mogard, Philipp Thimm, Frank Wiedemann
Vocals by Naré Petrosyan
Strings: Kundri Schäfer, Lorenz Swyngedouw, Tilman Hussla, Felix Thiemann, Guido Scharmer-Choi
Choir: Nikolaus Kuczewski, Irene Baumann, Benno Bings, Judith Jung.
Strings & Choir recorded by Axel Reinemer at JRS, Berlin
Mastered by Dr. Andreas Schönrock at fiftyfour.audio, Berlin.

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