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Setting the VibethroughCustom Soundtracks

for GPeM

Creating an unique soundtrack for an iconic bar and the local community.

Ultra-modern, quirky and expressive, Gian Paolo e Marco bar, also known as GPeM, is a completely different take on the idea of a day bar. HearDis! takes pride in curating a 24/7 music collection to match the innovative interior design concept and relaxed urban vibe.

© Victor S. Brigola

Across the street from TATTI, Gian Paolo e Marco, also known as GPeM, opened in 2021, along with the EmiLu design hotel. Together, they complete the development of a new neighborhood in the heart of Stuttgart. 

Even though they are related by ownership and appreciation of the Italian "dolce far niente" lifestyle, GPeM is very different from its sister location, TATTI. It is like comparing a small town in the Italian countryside to the city of Milan - GPeM is the latter. With a dark interior and bright, graphic colors, courtesy of Iassen Markov, Gian Paolo e Marco adds a confident and hyper-modern voice to the city's bar landscape. 

Mixing fresh electronic sounds with old school Italo disco and almost kitsch-y vibes, we created a soundtrack for GPeM that is equally bold, urban and expressive. Stop by to listen and enjoy one of their seasonal drink creations. Salute!

© Victor S. Brigola / Joris Haas / Maks Richter

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