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Strengthening Brand PerceptionthroughCustom Soundtracks

for Fissler

Delicious sounds for a German kitchen icon.

In 1845, a man in Germany forged the first pot in his tiny one-man workshop - today, Fissler is a global household name and has established itself as one of the top brands for premium cookware - Made in Germany. As part of the current rebranding process, HearDis! was commissioned to create a customized music curation for Fissler's own store concept.

© Fissler

Fissler is more than just a cookware manufacturer - since its founding, the still family-owned company has placed passionate cooks at the center of its work, creating high-quality tools that are designed to last for generations. From the world-famous pressure cooker to the first production of a non-stick pan in Germany to the award-winning CookStar base, Fissler has always been at the forefront of innovation and curiosity to make cooking even more enjoyable.

Far beyond mere nourishment, cooking is a powerful, fun and deeply emotional experience that brings people together and inspires all the senses. Cooking is so much more than preparing food - it is the joyful time we spend together and the pleasure we share. Making this experience even better has always been one of the brand's main drivers: In short, Fissler provides the best tools to achieve outstanding results and the basic ingredients for great, tasty dishes. In line with this approach, HearDis! offers a tailor-made music curation that adds the finishing touch - some might say spice - to the Fissler retail store concept.

© Fissler

Custom Soundtracks

Expanding on the rebranding concept developed by Strichpunkt, HearDis! created a colorful and diverse brand soundtrack that draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres, cultures and styles, mixing established and refined vibes with rare international musical gems and analog influences. We all love listening to music while cooking at a friend's house - and that's exactly the sound of the Fissler brand stores. In close collaboration with the Fissler marketing team and staff of the Fissler flagship store in Frankfurt, we made sure the selection is tailored to the brand's individual customer profiles and planned down to the last detail to create the perfect audio environment at the right time. 

In addition to this store soundtrack, HearDis! has also created additional event playlists for the cooking shows that take place in the flagship store's show kitchen, providing the perfect audio background for themed evenings and parties. As part of the continued rollout of Fissler's new brand store concept, HearDis! will also provide comprehensive audio planning and consulting, including state-of-the-art wireless sound systems to further enhance the customer experience.

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