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Attracting AttentionthroughCampaign Soundtracks

for BMW

A distinctive composition for the global campaign of BMW's flagship luxury SUV.

In collaboration with Gary Freedman/ANORAK, David Lemaitre and Serviceplan, HearDis! crafted a bespoke soundtrack for the global BMW X7 launch campaign, positioning the Bavarian automaker's latest full-size SUV as a luxurious travel companion.


The X7 is rooted in premium qualities: Impressive size, versatile and agile driving characteristics, comfortable and spacious interior, elegant design language and powerful dynamics - all tailored to satisfy those seeking the ultimate in automotive engineering. 

We composed the music to represent the luxurious essence of the car and reflect it with an emotional drive, showcasing the X7 as a travel vehicle that can offer the same premium experience as a luxury train, bringing together the best of all worlds: Not tied to the railroad, the X7 can freely adventure into the great outdoors by choosing its own path. So for our music production team, the sound had to blend and manifest the grandeur and innovative trademark of the BMW brand, the authority of the new model, with the modern quality of an unparalleled driving experience.

Creating original sound for a project this big is definitely a challenge. The stakes are high. But we really appreciated the involvement of ANORAK and Serviceplan, who gave us confidence and inspiration. It takes craftsmanship and artistry to create bespoke music that enhances a brand's story. Despite stereotypes or differences in the industry we're in, at the end of the day you're working with people who simply know what's best for a brand. It is this mutual sensitivity to artistic excellence that we cherish.

Georg von dem Bussche, Creative Director at PlayDis!

The entire process, from initial request to pitch to actual delivery of the audio, took just five days. Serviceplan provided us with a music brief highlighting the key aspects of the brand's new model, along with a preliminary track that outlined the desired tempo, instrumentation and mood for the accompanying film. Inspired by these guidelines, the first two days were dedicated to creating harmonic progressions that seamlessly blended with the visuals and movement in the video. Our talented friend and singer-songwriter, David Lemaitre, joined us; his exceptional instrumental skills were vital to our creative process as we captured layers of various electric guitars, recorded bass guitar, synthesizers, piano, and incorporated some percussion over a programmed beat. In the final stages, we fused all these elements together and introduced some overdubs to the drums to add a contemporary touch.

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