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Amplifying Brand ExperiencethroughIn-Store Music

for Birkenstock

Custom music curation for a German footwear icon that goes beyond short-lived fashion trends.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, Birkenstock is an exception. Never out of style and constantly reinventing itself, the world-renowned shoemaker has always been ahead of its time and is also deeply rooted in its heritage. We created a custom soundtrack for Birkenstock that is as much a reflection of the brand's rich history as it is of the zeitgeist and passion for craftsmanship.

Although the company can trace its roots back to 1774, Birkenstock has never looked at the past. Instead, the brand is recognized worldwide for its exceptional quality and innovative product design that never goes out of style and focuses on a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Over 95% of all Birkenstock products are still manufactured in Germany, a testament to the shoemaker's appreciation for craftsmanship and long-term perspective. 

Never standing still, Birkenstock has become one of the big names in fashion, known far beyond its iconic Arizona sandals through the 1774 collections, in which Birkenstock collaborates with brands such as Jil Sander, Dior, Stüssy and 032c magazine. 

With such a diverse customer profile, Birkenstock needed a bespoke soundtrack that would be as colorful and vibrant as the brand itself, creating a positive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Starting with Birkenstock stores in Europe and rolling out to other international markets, our in-store music concept is a translation of Birkenstock's vibrant and engaging brand identity. One of the key aspects of the music selection was to help create an uplifting, motivating and energizing environment for customers and staff alike, which is why our custom soundtrack heavily features relevant popular music ranging from danceable pop and electronica to indie and folktronica influences. 

The overall experience is activating, casual and accessible, emphasizing the sense of community within the Birkenstock retail spaces, and our bespoke schedule ensures a smooth flow without any repetition or mismatched songs. Since we began working together, we have continued to evolve and adapt our music selection to different campaigns and changing point of sale needs. 

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with this iconic brand and are excited to be a part of its future journey.

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