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Expressing PowerthroughBespoke Music

for Mercedes-AMG

From Affalterbach into the world: Mercedes-AMG launches a new generation of its most iconic vehicle.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT: a coupé that defies the laws of physics. The AMG Hyperdome: appeared out of nowhere to be tamed. The Mercedes-AMG crew: ready to take on the task. The guests: here to witness a unique spectacle. The Music: tailor-made to amplify the narrative.

The Sky is the Limit. They said. The All-New Mercedes-AMG GT

The sky is the limit. They said.

The new GT Coupé embodies everything that AMG stands for: performance, thrills and the art of engineering. To launch the GT, it was taken to the most incredible race track ever: the AMG Hyperdome. 

Far out in the desert, the GT goes on a thrilling test run, witnessed by a crowd of famous spectators and accompanied by a suspenseful and thumping composition by our subsidiary playdis.tv! Rumor has it that Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Toto Wolff and Will.i.am were also spotted around the AMG Hyperdome. Have a look and listen above, and see by yourself!

© Mercedes-Benz

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