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Driving PerformancethroughSound Branding

for Mercedes-AMG

Teaming up with Linkin Park frontman and Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador Mike Shinoda to create a distinctive Brand Sound Manual.

The sound of Mercedes-AMG and its vehicles are decisive for the radiance and success of a brand at a time of cultural change towards contemporary mobility. Sound Branding brings the sensual, physical and emotional experience of a brand into harmony with its perceived values on the consumer’s side, be it at the point of sale, for ad campaigns or when experiencing the product itself - the car.

Our intention is to make those attributes that make a brand unique, audible. As our experience proves, the main challenge always lies in relating the sound of a brand to its identity and core values. We believe music to be the emotional fingerprint of a brand.

So we have put our established Sound Branding processes into action and designed a custom Sound Manual together with PANDA. This interactive tool developed by HearDis! is the result of several years of pioneering work in the field of Sound Branding, specifically targeted at closing the semantic gap that exists between brand, creatives and consumers.

We at Mercedes-AMG are always interested in making processes more efficient - and this project has really helped us. In addition, the AMG Corporate Sound Manual from HearDis! helps us and our agency partners to make content and campaigns even more alive.

Kevin Fassbender, Brand Management and Communication Planning / Mercedes-AMG

Our unique approach to Sound Branding has also inspired AMG brand ambassador Mike Shinoda. As the frontman of US band Linkin Park - regarded as one of the most successful rock bands of the 21st century - Mike represents music rooted in expressiveness, sophistication and technical prowess. His phenomenal artist profile and our expertise united to audibly redefine the brand values of AMG.

Sound Branding & Artist Collaboration

In the initial phase towards the creation of the Sound Manual, the core brand attributes of AMG - 'intensity', 'character' and 'superiority' - were interpreted by our musicologist Andreas Schoenrock and translated into musical parameters, such as tempo, genre, key, mood, among others. Sound samples from the extensive HearDis! music library brought the primary framework of this audio topography to life. Together with AMG and its agency Staud Studios, we then traveled to Sphere Studios in Los Angeles and spent several days with Mike on some rigorous music search and collaborative decision-making. By the end of our stay in the Golden State, the sound realm of AMG was finally completed: the result, was a hand-picked selection of songs that are authentic, evocative and characteristic of the identity of the brand Mercedes-AMG. The titles and further audio specifications are integrated in the elaborate and intuitive tool - the Sound Manual - which can then be utilized by the company to optimize its branding guidelines and thus ensure a coherent and effective brand identity across touchpoints.

Brand Sound Manual

Through our Sound Manual, we revolutionized the best practices of Sound Branding for corporate needs. Because of its interactive nature, the Sound Manual is more than a mere audio compass: in an unprecedented manner, the dynamic and tailor-made solution further optimizes internal communication and workflows around audio-related matters for marketing and brand strategy purposes.

Our Sound Manual combines pivotal facets of our Sound Branding philosophy: gut feeling and experience, scientific know-how, inventiveness, technology and emotions. We are setting new standards in the audio branding sector and see ourselves as pioneering thinkers with the responsibility to share our know-how and raise awareness on such innovations with brands and the broader public at conferences around the globe.

Images provided by Staud Studios & Mercedes-AMG
UI/UX Design by Panda

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