The Exciting Ground for Experimentation of Vitra, Now with Sound

Sensorial Spectacle by the Swiss Furniture Manufacturer

Successful branding makes companies remarkable and relevant. This year’s challenging times have even more so proved that victorious brands will be those that inspire and unleash experiences that move us. Vitra stands out in the furniture industry for doing just that.

The Swiss family-owned company is esteemed for its ceaseless dedication to turn homes, offices and public areas into creative and singular spaces through the power of design. Going beyond a mere product display, the Vitra brand always engages in fine resonance with architecture, nature and light. Its wide range of brand environments and versatile expressions, together with a desire to enhance the sensorial spectacle of the Vitra brand, calls for a reflection on music and sound.

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Audio Branding to Boost the Vitra Brand Identity

Impressions are forged within seconds. For this reason, creating singular and immersive experiences is of prime interest to brands. A valuable strategy to this end is to reinforce the individuality of the company across sensorial triggers. With Vitra already excelling at branding through sight and touch, HearDis! came into the picture to add the audible dimension to its spatial brand experience.

Music and sound should always aspire to reflect the brand identity, resonate with the target audience and respond to the needs of the retail space. So for starters, we dived into the world of Vitra to grasp the salient aspects of the brand.

The premium interior designer views itself as a ground for experimentation, with undertakings that at the same time envision the future and cherish traditions while always pledging to top production quality. The company deliberately abstains from firm brand values and target groups. Rather, it favours a dynamic framework where creative freedom sees the juxtaposition of different brand expressions which present novel views to the public.

„We believe that the Vitra Sound is best reflected in the principle of collage: the idea that a vibrant music repertoire acquires flair through the combination of old-fashioned and fresh, traditional and contemporary. The assemblage of different forms brings a new whole to life.“
Daniel Artur Schindler, Project Manager / HearDis!

HearDis! transfers such philosophy to the audible realm, with an audio branding approach that offers a similarly unconventional blank canvas: music and sound can freely accentuate different acoustic dimensions, this way always suiting the particular branding scenario intended while at the same time ensuring to capture the company’s broader eclectic nature. Through the experimental ground of music and sound, Vitra’s establishes a distinctive and memorable audio identity.

Music Curation for the Redesigned VitraHaus

Among the company’s wide range of brand environments, the focal point is VitraHaus - the flagship store designed by Basel architects Herzog & de Meuron. The internationally acclaimed venue in Weil am Rhein this year marks its 10th anniversary and welcomes visitors to experience the renovation it underwent on the occasion. In line with HearDis! credo, the music atmosphere for the space had to then address the underlying individuality of the brand, the innovative attitude of this prime experimental area as well the needs of a venue open to the public.

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In order to tackle the unique music profile suited to VitraHaus, we exchanged with Till Weber (Creative Director) to frame its vision. A high-end and futuristic site, the new VitraHaus represents a progressive form of stationary retail: the space operates as an elegant display (customer journey-centred) - as much as a point of sale (shopping experience-centred) where visitors discover Vitra’s collections while browsing the showroom in person and create personal wish-lists through a digital companion (the Vitra Campus app).

Photo: Robin Hofmann / HearDis! (left), Till Weber / VitraHaus (right)

660 938 1168 Vitra Vitra Haus Interior 1600
Connie Till 1600 Horizont

The brand’s heart is present in the redesign of the space: the Vitra Home Collection, ranging from the great classics to the latest pieces by contemporary designers, is unveiled in a brand new interior concept by Till Weber with staging of famed Zurich-based stylist Connie Hüsser.

Photo: Till Weber / VitraHaus (left), Connie Hüsser / interior stylist (right)

Being Vitra’s prime experimental area, VitraHaus offers visitors a glimpse into the future of interior design. The music profile that originates is thus one that consistently and smartly conveys the core of the brand while emphasising the more contemporary features of its pioneering spirit.

The concept around the content curation on top addresses the needs of VitraHaus serving as a showcase area and store open to the public - inspiring visitors and motivating personnel. This means that throughout the day, the music alters features to best fit the energy level of the crowd: kicking off in the morning in a welcoming and chilled ambiance, it then gradually progresses in the later part of the afternoon into a more groovy vibe.

Each journey around the venue is therefore unique, particularly because of the catalogue size and technology behind the 24/7 stream: the music profile of VitraHaus currently comprises 2,500 songs and an extra 100 titles added each month. All songs are elaborately classified by HearDis! in-house AI which automatically defines the order of content playing.

Photo: Robin Hofmann (CEO, HearDis!) and Andreas "Freddy" Koulakiotis (Music Consultant, HearDis!)

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„For our 10th anniversary we have redesigned the entire VitraHaus, also with regard to the music. The playlist, which changes according to the time of day and season, atmospherically underlines the various interior and product presentations of Vitra.“
Till Weber, Creative Director / VitraHaus

The music program for VitraHaus is a professional solution that brings the brand to life through customised and high quality content while ensuring the right sound atmosphere for its scope. Excited for the newly inaugurated redesign of VitraHaus, we look forward to crowds experiencing a truly sensorial spectacle!

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