Migros Sound Manual

HearDis! Created the Musical Concept of Migros

Migros is Switzerland’s leading retailer. In addition to supermarkets, the traditional cooperative company operates restaurants, gas stations, fitness centers, specialty markets and also offers banking and touristic services. An extensive portfolio and therefore a challenge for consistent branding.

Together with PANDA HearDis! developed a Sound Manual for Migros in order to optimize and unite the sonic appearance of the many business divisions and define the brand’s musical alignment. The manual serves as musical and conceptual basis of the audio branding concept and all music productions of the umbrella brand Migros.

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The Spirit of a Traditional Swiss Company

The basis of the Sound Manual is an accurate analysis of the brand’s values and attributes, target groups and marketing strategies. Under participation of a musicologist, we derived musical parameters from this data to locate the sonic brand essence.

The sound manual is an interactive app that visualizes the musical alignment of the brand Migros. It serves as a musical compass and illustrates the compatibility of individual songs and complete genres with the brand’s attributes. It examines the relationship between songs and the brand essence to exemplify the musical spectrum. The Sound Manual is available to all departments as well as external agencies, production companies and partners.

To the Future With Style

The Sound Manual defines the musical identity of the brand Migros and makes it binding for all divisions and applications. It is updated regularly to ensure the consistent sonic appearance on the long term. On the conceptual basis of the manual, HearDis! has subsequently produced the music of numerous Migros TV commercials.

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