Hugo Boss Sound Manual

A Music Concept for Four Brands

The Hugo Boss brand consists of the core brand BOSS, it’s subsidiaries BOSS Orange and BOSS Green and the young fashion line HUGO. Each of the four brands has its individual communication strategy, corporate design and visual merchandising. In order to make the sonically distinguishable as well, Hugo Boss commissioned HearDis! to transfer the brand identities to a musical level.

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The Sonic Brand Identity

Based on a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the brand attributes and target groups of Hugo Boss, we defined individual musical profiles for each of the four brands. The Sound Manual fixates the musical alignment of the brands and illustrates it in writing, acoustically and interactively. It serves as a "compass" for the use of music at the point of sale and as a guideline for both Hugo Boss and external agencies, licensees and business partners.

The Sound Manual makes the  musical identity of the brands binding for all areas of application. Deviations from the manual for individual campaigns have to be approved by Hugo Boss or HearDis! in advance. We continuously update the Sound Manual to ensure sonical consistency of the four brands on the long term.

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Unity on All Channels

The Sound Manual ensures the consistent musical identity of BOSS, Hugo, BOSS Green and BOSS Orange on all communication channels. It supports the clear positioning of the brands as well as their differentiation within the Hugo Boss portfolio.

The Sound Manual is implemented at the point of sale as well as online spots, TV commercials of licensees, music on hold, fashion shows, events, fairs, editorials and content marketing activities such as give aways and compilations.

The Hugo Boss Sound Manual was developed in cooperation with PANDA.

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