Custom-Tailored In-Store Music

HearDis! Delivers the Music for Over 600 Hugo Boss Stores Across 30 Countries

With its emblematic lines Boss and Hugo, Metzingen-born Hugo Boss is undeniably one of the most traditional German fashion houses. By focusing on business and formal attire (Boss) and the youth and fashion-conscious (Hugo), Hugo Boss has established itself as one of the most versatile brands in the worldwide fashion industry.

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Two Brands, One Problem

The two Hugo Boss lines aim at different target groups and aesthetically clearly differ in design and store interior. Until the collaboration with HearDis!, the two lines lacked a defined music strategy: the stores were acoustically indistinguishable and the music selection did not necessarily match the specific line’s target group. This is when HearDis! came into the picture to conceive a comprehensive realignment of the brand’s overall in-store music concept.

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Ever-Changing Playlists: Machine-generated, Human-curated

HearDis! delineated the musical direction of Hugo Boss and its lines in an in-depth Sound Manual. Within this framework, we developed individual music profiles for Boss and Hugo. The monthly playlists, generated by our algorithm and curated by our music consultants, are continuously refined and take into account several parameters on top of the line’s musical identity itself: time of day, day of week, seasonal events and local or culture-related characteristics of the store’s region. As a result, Hugo Boss today benefits from clearly defined musical identities for Hugo and Boss respectively and can rely on HearDis!-curated music content to match the lines’ specific features with the relevant audience type.

Simple Set-Up for a Sophisticated Output

Our valuable and handy in-store music players have already been installed in over 600 Hugo Boss’ stores across 30 countries worldwide: from London to Hong Kong, Singapore or Buenos Aires. Our custom-tailored, centrally managed and integrated in-store music solution offers the right feel for the right audience at any time in every store worldwide.

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