Christmas is Upon Us!

Capturing that Right Festive Atmosphere

This is the time of the year when we are all confronted with the fact that ... Christmas is upon us!

Some of us run around meticulously hunting down presents for a dozen relatives, hoping we do not forget that third degree cousin who never missed a family reunion. Some of us feel a sudden urge to master kitchen skills by producing an infinite variety of culinary creations. Some of us stay long hours at the office to wrap up those bitter pending affairs. Some of us take extra shifts at the café to save for New Year's celebrations. And some of us simply keep the same old routine we had back in spring time. And so on.

Hear Dis Christmas 2

The point being, we all spend our time differently around the holiday season. And we yet unquestionably have one thing in common: whether in line at the cashier with a pile of boxes, in search of ingredients through the aisles at the supermarket, on the commute back home, waiting to serve the next latte macchiato, or driving to the usual hairdresser appointment - we are constantly exposed to music!

From both a consumer and brand's viewpoint, this festive season is a great reminder that there can sure be too much Christmas music, and not only that, but also too much of the same kind! As it is the case for other types of music, the appeal of Christmas music varies according to our subjective preferences - or in our case, the specific corporate identity defined by brands.

Hear Dis Christmas 3

Because of HearDis! tailor-made approach to audio branding setting us apart from other music providers, our clients rest assured that they can rely on us to offer a distinctive festive spirit. In order to align with our clients’ marketing strategy around the year, we curate a vast and diverse pool of content covering the full range of music suitable for the holiday season: from electrifying contemporary Christmas hits and old familiars creating a mood for jolly, to lesser-known Christmas covers across music genres that reveal fresh festive gems, to a broad variety of unique Christmas-like songs that nevertheless elicit a similar sentimental, warm and cheery atmosphere. This varied festive music catalogue that we curate, we then embed into the usual in-store playlists we created for our clients, and we further customise it by specifying the intensity and timing of each type of (festive) songs according to our client’s needs. For instance, in alignment with own brand values, each of our clients’ festive in-store music can be scheduled so that a different intensity and mix of holiday music plays at different time of the day (morning vs evening) and type of day (weekday vs weekend).

Hear Dis Christmas 4

Thanks to our technology (automated indexing), music consultants (human curation) and added information supplied by our clients themselves (data at touchpoints), we can generate dynamic playlists to fit the specific marketing purpose and reach. The result is a seamless flow of season-tailored music that changes daily and is optimised to reflect the brand’s values and target audience. Particularly around this time of the year, we are happy to support our clients by capturing that right festive atmosphere to boost their consumer engagement and brand perception., we can agree we would all benefit from a little variety!

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