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Status Quo - Experiential Retail Comes to Life

The digitalisation of retail has disrupted the traditional point of sale. The convenience of online shopping demands of stationary retail to offer visitors more than simple points of purchase. To this end, brands are actively experimenting with experience as their most powerful tool to win and retain customers.

Multisensory content turns a point of sale (PoS) into a point of experience (PoE): retailers can blend stimuli from sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing - to create engrossing immersive and sensory experiences. Because of its emotional power, music here plays a key role.

Aim - Emotionalise the Brand

We offer a novel in-store music solution that enables a more emotional experience at the physical retail space. By putting emphasis on the authenticity of retailers and the appreciation toward their audience, HearDis! unleashes memorable experiences that make customers feel more connected with brands.

Impact - Stationary Retail Performance

Regardless of which retail industry you operate in - fashion, automotive, interior design, hospitality, gastronomy and more - your business can benefit from the effective use of music in any physical space: from bricks-and-mortar, concept and pop-up stores, outlets and showrooms, trade show booths, corporate events, to common areas such as lobbies, cafeterias and lounges.

Branded in-store music has a significant impact on your stationary presence:

  • Footfall: effective medium to peak interest from a distance and draw customers in
  • Dwell time: customers feel relaxed and take time to browse products
  • Capture rate: customers are in a good mood, making them more likely to spend
  • Brand image and product perception: staff is energised and cordial
  • Brand awareness: customers are exposed to high quality and new music, associating the brand to such content and having a better brand recall because of it
  • Loyalty: the pleasant music experience makes customers more likely to return

Identity - Fresh, Distinctive and Memorable

Just as any other element in the store, music should too embody your corporate identity and resonate with your target audience. By translating your brand values and other core features into music, we define a unique musical profile that answers the question “how does your brand sound?”. The profile comprises an initial 2000 hand-picked songs and 80-120 new songs each month to keep the musical universe fresh. The customised music ambiance at your store makes the brand distinctive and memorable.

Content - Flow and Narrative to Inspire

The resulting musical profile is made actionable in the form of an ever-changing soundtrack: songs are compiled in an endless playlist that ensures smooth transitions between titles and follows a specific scheduling. Yet we go even further than to just provide a general sound atmosphere for inspiration and motivation. By merging human and artificial intelligence efforts, we segment the music pool so that specific songs are directed to respond to different variables: e.g., time/weather of day, number/type of visitor, store location, and more.

Solution - Hardware or Software

You can play your customised in-store music either via our media player or streaming player. Both solutions ensure top sound quality and differ in requirements (e.g. internet connection) and features integration (e.g. jingles, radio spots, etc.). We will be delighted to advise you in identifying the type of player that best suits your needs.

Innovation - Retail Marketing Intelligence

Retail market intelligence and analysis are today vital to promptly customise the on-site experience to fit the mutable audience and ambiance. Through machine learning and music information retrieval (MIR), we are developing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that can generate and curate customised in-store music suited to specific branded spaces, audience types and contextual data. We offer a novel in-store music solution to enhance offline retail: our AI-driven brand-fit music enables a more sensory experience that puts emphasis on the authenticity of retailers and their appreciation of their audience, unleashing memorable experiences that make customers feel more connected with brands.

Predictive In-Store Music® drives:

  • Personalisation: our brand-fit approach interrelates information on brand values (retailer), acoustical features (music) and listeners’ music perception (target groups), offering an appreciation of retailers in their entirety and individuality.
  • Engagement: our target group model offers a true-to-life image of the sociocultural diversity of the modern world, providing accurate descriptions of people’s attitudes and orientations, values, lifestyles and social backgrounds.
  • Impact: our intelligent system helps to manage the abundance of content and automate the mundane, so that costs can be reduced, operations streamlined and workforce focus on what matters most.

Is having music customised for your brand, audience and space important?

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