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In-Store Music by HearDis!: Surprising and Unique

Whether retail, hospitality or service is your business: With the proper background music every stationary outlet can become an audible brand experience. In-store music by HearDis! is the perfect tool to implement this increasingly critical marketing aspect. In this exposé we cover why in-store music has to be selected with utmost care and how our unique process works.

The Transformation of the POS

Today everyone can shop around the clock from home or on the go. The digitalisation of trade has radically changed the traditional point of sale. Brick and mortar stores have to be much more than simple outlets to still successfully attract customers. Multisensory content turns a Point of Sale (PoS) into the Point of Experience (PoX). An integrated brand experience appeals to all senses. Along with visual, olfactory and haptic stimuli, it includes audible design tools in the form of in-store music.

The Right Music Works

Apt music increases your customer’s well being while conveying your brand’s values in the audible domain. It positively affects shopper’s mood, length of stay and motivates your staff at the same time. These are the properties of well in-store music:

  • It matches the brand and target audience
  • It accentuates the design and visual merchandising of the POX
  • It is tailored to the current time of day and day of week
  • It has the appropriate volume

In-store music that matches the brand demonstrably affects customer’s contentment, their perception of the brand and their length of stay. Happy customers stay longer and spend more money. Satisfied employees are more productive and identify stronger with their company. Good in-store music significantly contributes to these effects.

In-store music that matches the brand can increase revenue up to 20% and the stay of length up to 30%.
vgl.: Garlin (2005) und Roschk (2016).

Custom Music Profiles

HearDis! offers custom-tailored solutions instead of one-sound-fits-all. We develop an individual music profile that reflects your brand’s identity and clearly positions you in the audible domain. What makes our in-store music service special:

  • All tracks are hand-picked
  • The music selection is fresh and up to date
  • Music flows harmoniously without stylistic breaches
  • Daily updated playlists without any repetition

Our experienced music consultants pick only those titles from our steadily growing 100k+ song archive that precisely match your brand and render it’s values audible. This forms the foundation of your individual music profile. From now on you send a clear emotional message to your target audience at the POX and all other touch points.

The Perfect Dramaturgy

When creating your individual music profile, we take into account the dynamic of the seasons a well as the days of week and even time of day. By this we ensure to appropriately address the diverse customs and rhythms of life within your target audience.
Every month we create new custom playlists with fresh, hand-picked songs - diverse, free of repetition and different every day. Our specifically developed software designs intelligent playlists from the carefully selected music and creates a perfect dramaturgy without any stylistic breaches.

The foundation of your music profile are at least 2000 hand-picked songs. Every month we add around 100 new ones to the mix.

Two Technical Solutions

There are two ways to receive your music profile: hardware (in-store music media player) or software (in-store music streaming player). We will be happy to advise which one best fits your needs. While both solutions come with individual options and requirements, our high standard of musical quality is always the same.

Instore Music Media Player

The HearDis! media player is easy to use and has a small footprint. Plug it into your sound system, switch it on and the music starts playing right away. As music and software are updated automatically in the background, the effort for you and your staff is minimal.

Instore Music Streaming Player

If you prefer to play the music from your laptop, desktop computer or tablet, we recommend our online streaming player. In contrast to our hardware player it requires a steady internet connection with high bandwidth. You can integrate the streaming player into the visual merchandising concept of your store or even offer a brand radio on your website to let customers enjoy your brand’s sound at home or on the go.

How does a HearDis! in-store music profile sound?

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