Audio Branding

Sound Manual® - a Smart Tool Tailor-Made for Your Brand

Our in-depth approach provides you with customised audio specifications that we unveil in our integrated and intuitive Sound Manual® - that is, the audio equivalent to a corporate identity manual. With such a dynamic and tailor-made solution, HearDis! helps you define the sound of your brand, seamlessly elevating your value proposition with an enhanced omni-channel customer experience and brand perception.

The Sound Briefing for all Your Projects

More concretely, your company benefits from the Sound Manual® by directly utilising it to optimise workflow and decision-making around audio-related matters. All information present in the Sound Manual® can be treated as ‘briefing’ material for your internal or external marketing specialists, ad agencies, film productions and artists collaborating with your company on any audio branding need across touchpoints: in-store music, music production for TV commercials or digital campaigns, tone of voice for podcasts and formats alike, background music for b2c or b2b events and a myriad of other branding contexts shaped by consumer trends and market dynamics.

What’s on the Sound Manual®?

HearDis! presents your brand identity from an audio perspective with the Sound Manual®: a hand-picked pool of songs and other detailed musical attributes tailored to your brand are outlined on a unique interface consisting of different interactive supporting tools:

A Music Spectrum to Illustrate the Brand-Fit of Songs

The Music Spectrum visualises and informs the brand-fit of songs. In other words, songs are grouped by music genre and positioned on the spectrum according to how relevant they are to your brand identity. Here, you can filter songs by musical parameters as well as brand values or brand core to get the mood guideline to inspire the sound of the project in question.

A Matrix to Explain the Relation between Brand Values and Music

The Matrix portrays the relation between brand values with corresponding musical qualities and illustrates the key features of songs suitable for each brand value respectively. Here, each brand value is translated into musical characteristics to help you understand how specific messages of the brand are conveyed through music.

A Sound ID to Guide Appropriateness of Content across Touchpoints

The Sound ID describes the detailed characteristics of brand-fit music and serves as an exhaustive guideline to establish a maximum brand convergence and consistency within all musical content utilised in the marketing communications of your brand. This supporting tool can additionally integrate specifications of the brand’s sound logo - where its musical parameters, music score and file formats for download are provided. On top, a selection of voice talents suitable for can be hand-picked to delineate your specific brand voice to be used in radio and TV spots, online videos, podcasts, message on hold and more.

A Bespoke Music Library to Provide Content Customised to Your Needs

The Bespoke Music Library gathers a selection of pre-cleared music ensured for brand-fit and ready for different types of usages depending on your needs: the customised music pool can be targeted to TV, online or other media that your brand is particularly interested in. This supporting tool can also integrate a bespoke brand theme with additional adaptations of different lengths and different music genres: here, you can easily pick the variation that best suits a specific channel or creative requirement and be assured that the music will always be relevant to your brand identity and spot on fresh.

How is Technology Integrated in our Audio Branding?

The singularity in our approach lies in the indexing system we use: we extend the metadata of songs to incorporate the know-how of marketing experts and, most importantly, the perspective of customers. We have developed an algorithm able to predict the music perception of listeners with an accuracy of 80.10%. In other words, our technology can inform with an outstanding precision what customers belonging to different target groups (Sinus-Milieus®) will associate certain music to. By preventing random decision-making and individual bias to influence the sound used in brand communication, our innovation can instead recommend you the audio identity best suited for your brand, based on an automated and scientifically-backed methodology.

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