Audio Branding

Audio Branding today is as vital to the brand image as the brand name, logo or product design itself. We are at your side tracing the individual sound of your brand and defining the songs, artists, styles and musical qualities that make your brand unique.

Our main tool is the Sound Manual. It visualises the musical spectrum of your brand and makes it audible and interactively accessible.


In-Store Music

Appropriate in-store music deeply shapes a brand, promotes identification and turns visitors into enthusiastic customers. Our in-store music solution provides a unique, harmonious soundtrack for your brand and creates an authentic atmosphere in your store. Your customers will feel comfortable and stay longer. Our music selection also motivates and inspires your staff and contributes to a positive working environment at your PoS.

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Voice- & Music Production

Our music productions exactly meet your needs and make brand values audible and tangible. Handpicked voice-over talents give brands a voice. Authentic and custom tailored solutions are our highest claim.

We are part of an extended network of gifted musicians, composers, producers, singers and voice-over artists. Memorable sound logos, vivid voices and thrilling scores: We make it happen.


Music Consulting & Licensing

Music licensing connects your brand to an artist or song your target group identifies with. With our extensive music archive we track down the perfect song that matches your brand or client as well as your budget. We clear all publishing and recording rights and negotiate optimal contracts with record labels, music publishers and collecting societies such as GEMA, PRS or SACEM.


Content Marketing

As an expert for music and content marketing, we link you up with exciting and innovative artists that inspire your target audience. Our extensive network of musicians, authors, directors and producers creates authentic and custom-fit content for your brand. Our service covers musical and editorial content for social networks, podcasts and blogs as well as video production, branded downloads and streams. We connect you with your customers through artist cooperations, sponsoring, giveaways, brand compilations and more.


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