Press release - 06.05.2020

HearDis! Extends its Reach to the Corporate World

Music in the Workspace to Make Business Thrive

As new strategies to optimise the well-being of employees at the office are explored and shape the status quo, companies nevertheless continue to lack a comprehensive approach to tackle the topic of sound in the workspace. With its tailor-made and effective audio branding solutions, HearDis! is excited to be elevating the experience of talent, making corporations thrive.

Designing Common Areas that Foster Interaction among Employees

Gaining significance in the corporate world is the role workspace plays in enhancing the philosophy and performance of companies, regardless of the sector they operate in. Today, the types of physical spaces that employees can access at work have important implications: they bring the company culture to life while at the same time setting the stage for an environment that nourishes inspiration, energy and productivity.

For these reasons, forward-thinking enterprises are placing more emphasis and resources on decisions around the realisation of areas that see employees meet, work and mingle. Among these are receptions, hallways, lounges, cafeterias, informal meeting rooms, group discussion booths and places for solo heads-down work or private conversations.

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HearDis! Embraces Audio Branding Needs at the Office

When defined and integrated smartly, different components - from architecture, design, to smell and sound - come together to transform the identity and impact of workspaces.

With a sensitivity to comprehend the complex interplay between sensory stimuli, HearDis! is positioned to best advise companies to select the audio content that optimally fits a specific workspace. Interestingly, market trends in the Retail industry and the audio branding know-how that HearDis! brings to its clientele of brands, are in every respect relevant and applicable to the corporate world in question.

Both brands and employers are actively experimenting with experience as their most strategic asset to thrive. Multi-sensory content turns a store or a workspace into a point of experience: this is achieved by blending stimuli from sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing - to create engrossing immersive and sensory experiences. The prime objective being that of strengthening the brand / customer or employer / employee bond while boosting the performance of the store / workspace as a whole.

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Music as an Asset to Inspire Talent and Stir Innovation

To this end, music - with its intrinsic emotional power - serves a key function in the efforts taken by companies to communicate their organisational culture and promote a positive atmosphere that keeps their employees engaged, energised and productive.

Every aspect in a room - lighting, seating arrangement, decor, sound. etc. - is a piece of the narrative which the workspace aims to tell as an embodiment of the company’s culture. The music that plays in the background of workspaces, for instance, can be used as a subtle reference to the values and identity of the company. A conscious choice of music can convey the character and ethics of an enterprise, this way continuing to inspire and retain its employees. Or yet again, it can leave a striking first impression to prospective talent visiting work facilities or anyone else stepping into the building.

Moreover, the growing enthusiasm of common areas is due to the opportunity companies have to incentivise greater morale - and therefore performance among their workforce. Different spaces are designed to respond to different needs that employees may encounter on their workday: to exchange ideas, address work-related tasks, socialise. By offering a multitude of settings suited to specific activities, employers are in truth promoting an environment that makes talent feel comfortable and empowered to perform at their very best. Such rationale, clearly also relates to background sound: the effective use of music can have a significant impact on the listener’s mindset and behaviour. Whether the wish is to inspire, motivate, foster interaction, boost the spirit - music can create the ideal vibe in a workspace.

Eager to make a difference in the performance of enterprises, HearDis! has already secured a number of projects and continues to be on the lookout for further interesting collaborations.

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