Press release - 28.03.2019

The Sound of Bliss

HearDis! Composes the Soundtrack for the Worldwide Market Launch of BMW X7

Berlin / Stuttgart - Bavarian Motor Work’s credo “Make Every Day Legendary” reached its culmination this March with the latest addition to its BMW X model portfolio: the new - and first ever BMW X7 - represents the next level full-size SUV in the premium segment of the automotive world. With the global campaign of BMW X7 having inaugurated just a few days ago, HearDis! now tell about its role in such grand announcement.

The Team Behind the Global Campaign

In the realm of marketing for brands, HearDis! strives to elicit emotions by interlacing music with visuals to enhance powerful stories. Creative agency Serviceplan put together a team of excellent creative artists for the first X7 TV commercial: Together with the highly acclaimed director Gary Freedman and the ANORAK film production team, HearDis! was to bring the excellence of the very first BMW X7 to life through emotions in sound. After an intense pitch phase of just five days, HearDis! was able to secure its role as music partner.

The Result: The Picture Tells the Story, the Music Arouses its Emotions

The film presents the X7 as a travel vehicle able to offer the same premium experience of a luxury train. HearDis! subtly builds up a sense of restlessness suggesting that something great is about to happen as the group of friends impatiently waits in the train carriage. The tension increases musically and eventually brings the film to its turning point. When the conductor finally escorts the friends to the back of the train, the suspense finds its bliss: unveiled in the spectacle of beautiful landscapes, the euphoria felt at the sight of the X7 is simply pure and immense.

The HearDis! production team took up the challenge of musically combining different moods: the power of the BMW brand, the aesthetic and functional superiority of the new X7 model and its incomparable driving experience. As we follow the car take over the train and eventually wander away, the viewer can feel that the adventure has really just begun.

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