Press release - 20.12.2018

Interpreting the “Thrills” of the New Macan

HearDis! Manages Artists for the Digital Campaign of the new Model by Porsche

Specialised in high-performance sports cars and legendary for its innovative and beautiful automobile designs, Porsche has once again scored with the launch of a new model, exquisitely blending sportiness, design and everyday practicality: the new Macan. The compact SUV is intended for those whose lifestyle is ignited by adrenaline and passion, where taking risks and thirst for adventure are the essentials for experiences that make one feel alive. And what better medium to express such attitude than music? HearDis! versatile approach to audio branding and content marketing made it possible to craft the sound of the car’s slogan: “Choose Thrilling” (hashtag: #CHOOSETHRILLING).

HearDis! as Intermediary between Branding Needs and Creative Endeavours

When conceiving the marketing plan around the new model, it was clear to Porsche that music was going to play a central role in achieving the communications goals to address an eager and emotion-driven group of 27 to 35 years of age. Creative agency United Digital Group (UDG) produced the strategy to engage and activate the target audience through a cross-media worldwide digital campaign, covering social media, Spotify and the client’s official website. To realise the project envisioned, UDG approached HearDis! to become the music partner to intermediate between its creative endeavours and the branding needs of Porsche.

The Brand Ambassadors of the new Macan: Peggy Gou and Bakermat

In the first phase of the project, collaborations with influencing artists that depicted the mindset and personality of the new Macan had to be established. The idea was to produce a campaign video shoot where, instead of merely using music by the artists, the car itself was to be used by the artists, in an attempt to capture electrifying glimpses and insights to their lives, now enhanced by the new Macan. HearDis! collaboration propositions with Berlin-based Korean DJ & artist Peggy Guo and Dutch DJ & music producer Bakermat excited Porsche. The two brand ambassadors best expressed the personality of Porsche and represented its new model, specifically given their young, urban, avant-garde appeal and drive to fully experience each and every moment - because after all, life is as thrilling as a live concert!

Developing and Directing a Music-Driven Social Media Campaign

After securing the two collaborations by handling the related negotiations and paperwork on both artists’ and client’s side, HearDis! concentrated on developing and directing an exhaustive music-driven social media strategy that the two influencers were to later spread in their channels to maximise the impact of the car’s digital campaign. So as to further connect with the targeted digital natives, HearDis! on top curated the music content of different Spotify playlists for a fun and interactive campaign component on Porsche’s website: by answering a few questions to describe their music taste, users are presented with a perceptive portrayal to their lifestyle, recommended a selection of the car’s configuration tailored to their habits, and finally offered access to a music playlist - the one that best combines the the user’s individual music preferences and the car’s branding attitude.

Content Marketing to Convey Authenticity

In the year devoted to crafting the sound for the new Macan, HearDis! role to make the digital campaign come to life revealed as crucial. First, the Audio Branding company scouted and secured partnerships with artists that optimally manifested the car as a lifestyle expression and conveyed the authenticity of both brand and its target group. Next, the music and editorial content conceived for the social media of the two ambassadors more so reinforced efforts towards the car’s communication goals. And lastly, HearDis! music curation of content tailored to users’ music and mindset allowed to further engage with the relevant target group.

Porsche established the new Macan to stun and enhance life of a driven youth... and HearDis! undeniably added the right (audible) thrills to the exciting journey!

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