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Marking our 15-Year Anniversary

When we hear of company anniversaries, one is always prone to wonder: How did it start? Stories behind the birth of enterprises are unique, entertaining and insightful to appreciate the people, passions and principles that went into forming a successful business, from idea to venture. So, what’s the HearDis! story?

In the late 1990s Felix Haaksman (eventually, HearDis! co-Founder) was living in a small town in SouthWest Germany. As a diversion from the dullness of life in the countryside, he dived into music and began DJ-ing at clubs and private events with partner in crime Andreas Schoenrock (eventually, HearDis! musicologist). In the rural district of the time, however, it was a real challenge to access and come across new and different music. There was simply no chance to get a hold of records.

Luckily, Felix had heard of a record shop in Stuttgart and travelled the 50km distance to visit the store. That was when he discovered Freddys Records: ran by Andreas Koulakiotis aka “Freddy” - DJ renowned across legendary clubs in South Germany (eventually, HearDis! music consultant) - the vinyl shop was a dream come true for music aficionados like Felix. Freddys Records was a gem for music genres such as acid jazz, trip hop, rocksteady, big beat, drum and bass, electronica and more.

Making it a regular stop for his restless dose of music thrill, Felix would avidly browse and listen to the vinyl collection, select the new weekly catches and most appreciate the limited records Freddy would hand-pick and put aside for him. Little did Felix know that just the same were doing record shop’s loyal customers and record dealer’s fans Robin Hofmann (eventually, HearDis! co-Founder) and Rino Spadavecchia (eventually, HearDis! music consultant).

By then familiar around each other, DJ Benedikt - at the time part of Freddys Records’ crew and DJ C.A.T.Weazle’s collaborator - proposed to Felix and pal Andreas to run a weekly club night in Stuttgart. The two DJs keenly got on board and had the idea of further publicising the event by inviting international DJs to bring a greater range of alternative tunes to the city. Freddy Records backed their enthusiasm and sponsored the promotional flyers.

One of these leaflets eventually caught the eye of Robin Hofmann. With passion for the same genres of music that only a minority in Stuttgart shared at the time, Robin was eager to find out who the guys behind the flyer were. He showed up to the first date of the club night and introduced himself to Felix.

The two right away hit it off, started hanging out and DJ-ing together while staying in touch throughout university years regardless of the distance that such implied. When Robin and Rino later founded Pulver Records, they had Felix feature in the label’s first vinyl release - which revealed to be a huge success.

After that, Felix (aka “Dutch Rhythm Combo”) joined Pulver Records talent. Additions to the core team included licensing Meike Frank (eventually, Chief Operating Officer) and intern Daniel Arthur Schindler (eventually, HearDis! Sr Project Manager). In the coming years, the team went on to release a bunch of music together - a favorite of their titles being “Venom”.

While running Pulver Records, Robin was also devoted to consulting brands on ways to effectively implement music in marketing, often involving Felix to produce original songs for a variety of projects. At the same time, Felix was exploring the potential of audio content across industries during his studies and as a music supervisor.

Experiencing the growing demand to empower retailers with smart decisions around sound, the two identified a novel business opportunity: on February 6th 2005 that opportunity was officialised with HearDis! - the audio branding company launched by Felix and Robin with the mission of making brands audibly distinctive and memorable.

To this date, the constellation of people that shared the same passion for music and sound and inspired each other along the way is still the beating heart of the enterprise.

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