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Decoding the name of our company and what it means to us and the world.

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Our company´s name is rooted in our deep popular music knowledge. 'Hear dis' is a colloquial and informal phrase that is often used in Caribbean English, particularly in Jamaican Patois. It is a contraction of 'hear this' and is commonly used to grab someone's attention before making a statement or emphasizing a point.

Engaging with the audience

'Now hear dis!', in Jamaican reggae music the term is often used by the Masters Of The Ceremony, the MCs. Their role is to guide and facilitate the smooth flow of the event, making announcements, introducing speakers or performers, and engaging with the audience. A role that is very similar to ours. As a company, like a MC, we play a crucial role in setting the tone, maintaining the energy, and ensuring that the consumer experience progresses according to the schedule and marketing plans.

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Selection as curation

The MC is accompanied by the selector, a DJ who specializes in the skill of selecting and playing music. The role of the selector is distinct from that of a traditional DJ who may focus on mixing and blending tracks seamlessly. The selector's emphasis is on curating and presenting a collection of songs in a way that engages the audience and captures the essence of the chosen musical style. Something we deal with every day in our work.

Creating a rich and diverse musical experience

Selectors are known for their ability to curate and choose tracks that fit a particular vibe, theme, or atmosphere. They have a deep knowledge of the music within their chosen genre and often bring a unique perspective to their selections.The selector is responsible for setting and controlling the mood of the event. Through careful song selection, they can influence the energy on the dance floor, creating highs and lows to keep the audience engaged. A good selector typically has a deep understanding of the history and evolution of the music they play. This knowledge allows them to draw connections between different eras and styles, creating a rich and diverse musical experience. An expertise to which 'HearDis!' is passionately committed.

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'Now let loose selector and faya up di speakers!'

As in DJ culture, we put a particular emphasis on the quality of our custom made in-store speaker systems. With our sound systems, the goal is to create a pleasant and engaging atmosphere for customers. As In-store audio can be a part of a store's branding strategy, our music selection aligns with the brand image. Similar to DJ events, carefully curated music or audio content can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for customers. It can create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage customers to spend more time in the store.

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