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HearDis! creates AI for music curation.

With the help of AI, HearDis! is completely reinventing music curation. The company HearDis! sits at the intersection of music, marketing and AI - developing forward-thinking technologies to provide brands with a unified corporate sound.

Thanks to the federal IGP funding, HearDis! was able to advance its solutions in the music tech sector: the in-house in-store music service is now supported by a specially developed AI that independently annotates and groups music tracks. This means that individualized playlists for all needs can be created automatically at the touch of a button. 

This makes a uniform corporate sound more accessible to customers than ever before.

Elevate your brand experience with the power of music! Our mission is to use music in such a way that brands increase their appeal and inspire their customers with the right experience, especially in stationary retail. Innovative technologies and data-driven solutions help us achieve this.

Robin Hofmann, CEO HearDis!

How it works

With an AI for music recognition, HearDis! has developed a way to automatically annotate music recordings. 

What does this mean? 
The music tracks are grouped into collections using a new filter system, and are assigned to different brand values. These brand values are individual for each customer. In this way, each brand receives a collection of music that is optimally personalized, which is then merged into a harmonious playlist. This constantly growing pool of fresh, brand-fit music tracks ultimately makes up the corporate sound - in other words, the individual, sonic identity of a brand. The sound is effectively used to boost the brand experience at the PoS. 

The HearDis! AI was trained on the basis of thousands of music tracks. The result: the AI can take on the task of a music curator. This created a system that can group music and assign it to a suitable brand at unprecedented speed.

Linked to the AI is the novel streaming service from HearDis!. 
Unlike comparable providers, this is not a generic service. HearDis!'s streaming service is a customized, full-featured browser service based on a powerful platform that can play music at the highest quality.

The platform allows HearDis! to share curated music with its customers even faster. This is because it uses the sophisticated music archive and creates playlists that can be delivered to customers at the touch of a button. These AI-generated playlists instantly adapt to the needs of the brand, its customers and the location. A strategically important tool for those looking to create a unique experience in brick-and-mortar retail. The new streaming service from HearDis! represents a revolution in the industry and has been developed in line with various, technological innovations of recent years.

About the "Innovation Program for Business Models and Pioneering Solutions (IGP)".

HearDis! has received public funding within the IGP programme which was launched by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection that promotes innovative business models. 

As part of the IGP funding, a collaboration between HearDis! and the Music Technology Group of the highly acclaimed Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona was established.

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